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12 Bridal Accessories Make You More Beautiful in Seconds

What kind of wedding dress suits you best? Which one should the veil be? What kind of material should you choose for your wedding shoes? These are often the bride’s biggest concerns.

Yes, the wedding dress, veil, and ingenious wedding shoes can all add to the beauty, you seem to have been able to imagine amazing yourself on the wedding day.

Simplicity is not the same as plain, simple is not the same as boring! We often say that good bride styling is characteristic and hierarchical. In addition to the exquisite bottom makeup, delicate hairstyle, the use of bridal accessories play a role in the finishing touch. 

Nowadays, the market is full of dazzling bridal accessories, which provide sufficient conditions for us to make amazing shapes. Yes, as you might have guessed, today we’re going to talk about accessories!

The headpiece is probably the most common bridal accessory we have in the bride’s styling. The idyllic bride makes good use of flowers, the retro bride uses a hat, and the elegant bride uses a veil. Click

1. Wearing flowers

The inclusion of flowers and petals in the hair is a recent fashion for brides. It has a more natural feeling than garlands and hair bands. The bride wearing flowers is often sweet and fresh. The way of wearing flowers is not limited to one position. The different shape of the petals and different embellishment positions can also play a role in modifying the face, but also can be directly embellished on the veil.

2. Garlands

There are two kinds of garlands, one is the style of garlands made up of flowers or hand-felt flowers / immortal flowers, fresh and pure; The other is the use of water drills and other jewelry jade made into flower grass leaf wreaths, natural ethereal. Suitable for outdoor weddings, forest weddings and fairy tales, fresh, forest themed indoor weddings.

The wreath hardly takes the hairdo and face shape, but instead can give the bride a layer of pure sweet temperament. It is very suitable for hair, disk hair or editing.

3. Pearl Jade—— Elegant

In addition to incorporating flowers into hair, you can also choose delicate and chic hair accessories. Smooth lines, Pearl embellishments, or retro hair styles are the first choice. Fine details are not as easy to wear as sparkling bows and crown hairpins to wear a sense of cheap.

4. The hairbands with feather

The hairbands with feather bring people the elegant feeling. Consider wearing such a headpiece when you want to create a light retro and mogul feeling.

5. Brides in vintage hats look vintage

The makeup artist who likes to make handmade hats must know the fun of making vintage hats. Different hat shapes, different materials, and superimposed hats are with different emotions and beauty. Whether it is following the direction of classicism or a new retro made with modern elements, the hat is definitely the best tool for concave styling.

Jewelry is often a neglected part, except for some daily jewelry, wearing a little exaggerated style of jewelry may make the bride unique.

6. Choker is cool and charming

In the 1970s and 1980s, Choker has become a symbol of cool girls. Sweet, literary, and motorcycle, no matter what kind of bride you are, Choker can always add points to you. Choke, which is made of various materials such as lace, fishing nets, ribbons, and printed ribbons, can create a retro, fashionable, and sweet feeling.

7. Exaggerated earrings are super chic

The delicate earrings give people the feeling of a small jade, and recently exaggerated earrings are becoming popular. Exaggerated earrings can bring a strong sense of drama and can be a good face modification.

Choosing an earring is not as simple as choosing a favorite to wear. It needs to be consistent with your headdress, necklace and overall look. In addition, there is an implicit skill in earrings: to modify the face!

8. Classic and elegance veil

Wearing a veil makes the bride more gentle and elegant. For most brides, the ritual style is indispensable to wear a veil. And because of the different length of the veil, there are also corresponding names and shapes.

9. Crown

▷▷Baroque style crown

This crown and makeup is more suitable for luxurious church weddings, as if the king and queen were crowned. It is generally not matched with a veil, and the lower hair is usually pulled in the back of the brain.

If you don’t like exaggerated bridal accessories, you can also choose a small, delicate, low-height crown, which also improves the choice of veil and hairstyle. The following crown choices are suitable for the pursuit of change and unique brides: 

▷▷Elves crown
Remember the crown of the White Queen in Alice in Wonderland 2? The diameter is not exactly like the ordinary crown that surrounds the entire head, but it is slightly smaller, but the crown is taller and higher, and it is not so luxurious, but it adds a “fairy” ~
In summer and autumn, it is suitable for an outdoor wedding with a forest theme. The mottled shade and the flowers cover you with such a crown. It is like an elf in the depths of the forest. Also suitable for indoor forest themed weddings.

Another crown is a derivative of the elf crown. The entire crown shape is more diverse and dreamy, and it is also suitable for indoor/outdoor forests and fairy-tale themed weddings.

10. Hair Band

Do not feel that the hairband is old antiques and no longer popular. Compared with the Garland, the hairband decorated with tulle, drillers and flowers, it does not reduce the fresh and refined temperament, and at the same time adds a clever and gentle charm.


11. Thin veil on the face

Many people think that the veil is just a layer of yarn on the face. There is no way to play. Wrong! According to the sparse surface texture, it can be divided into a yarn surface and a net surface:

In addition to its surface decorated with pearls, water drills or hats, the veil’s folds, the size of the outline, and the manner of wearing it can also play a role in modifying the face.

12. Bracelets

Bridal bracelets are suitable for different wedding forms according to different materials and styles. For example, the flower bracelet is more suitable for outdoor weddings with lawn and forest themes. It can choose the same flower material as the bouquet flower and the groom’s chest flower. Water diamond, Pearl embellished gauze hand band is more suitable for a variety of indoor theme weddings, ceremony hall weddings, etc., the shape can be echoed with hair accessories or wedding shoes.
The choice of the bracelet is based on the bride’s preference, but it is necessary to pay attention to the layout of the wedding scene and the bride’s overall shape.


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