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2019 Trending Color for Special Occasion Dresses

Color is always the best element to express your mood. When you are going to a prom party or formal evening party, you need to find a unique dress to flatter your style, and also select the right color for the dress to make sure you will match the party mood. Finding a trendy color for a dress and matched color for accessories is always a great idea. Read the guidelines below, you will learn the tips of 2019 trending dress colors and what color to match the special occasion dresses.

Coral or Watermelon Color

Coral is also known as watermelon. It is a neutral and elegant color. Combination of bright orange, peachy and pink color tones. Watermelon dresses are perfect for spring and summer occasions such as wedding events and formal evening events.

Best Match: Navy Blue & Green

Watermelon shade is versatile, but a perfect match for watermelon dresses are navy blue and green shades. If you are planning a simple and graceful wedding, navy blue bridesmaid dresses with watermelon wedding flowers or watermelon tale drapes are a great match, they are a contrast color match, a sharper match to make the wedding fresh. In the same way, watermelon bridesmaid dresses match royal blue wedding accessories. The following picture of navy bridesmaid dress matches with coral shades wedding balloons, they are graceful.


Fresh green shades are always the perfect natural match for watermelon shades. Beautiful red flowers always require green leaves to set off. If you are using watermelon prom dresses, that is chic to carry a mint green or sage green handbag to match your dress. If the event theme is watermelon, of course, you can wear coral color dresses, and also sage dresses to match the occasion mood.

Bright Yellow Daffodil Color

The daffodil color, an attractive color, full of happiness. With the right colors paired, the daffodil represents unlimited romance and luxury. People who wear daffodil dresses always look lovely, sense of sunshine.

Orange is Joyful Match with Daffodil

Daffodil and orange are sister color shades, daffodil bright shade will emphasize the deep shade of orange-red. It is easy to combine the orange and daffodil. If you like orange-red dresses, you can wear them with a daffodil sash to create a lovely look. Bridesmaids wear daffodil dresses that can hold some orange or red flowers to create a fresh match. You may check the following daffodil bridesmaid dress picture to get an idea about this match.

Light Sky Blue Color

Light sky blue is versatile color shad that can be combined with every shade. When coming to a summer wedding or hot season event, sky blue dresses are always a great choice for girls/ladies.

White and Sky Blue

White and sky blue are good partners, the white accessories with sky blue dresses will draw the attention to the part you want maximum. You can wear a sky blue prom dress with a white handbag to gain a cute appearance or a light blue evening dress with a white hat to look ebullient.

Chocolate Brown and Sky Blue

The brown color shade seems a bit dull, still, the sky blue with brown will suddenly get a lively style. Chocolate brown is a similar shade to mud. The mud and sky are neutral match shades. If you are going for an outdoor event, like the beach wedding, shining in the blue sky, the chocolate brown dress is a great choice, it will make your wedding look more creative and fresh.

Red and Sky Blue

A short high waist sky blue dress, pair with your sexy high heels, this color combination will slim your body shape and highlight your nice legs. If you wear sky blue with red shades, prepare for millions of compliments.

Sage Dresses

Sage is an essentially neutral color, it is soft green, it is like a poem full of sensitivity and romance. This color is hot in home decorating, but it is also great when it comes to dressing up and beauty.

Purple and Sage

Sage actually works great with numerous colors and adorn styles. But only complementary color can kick off the fashion and beauty sense. As a yellowish-green, the contrary color is purple, purple is a strong color shade, the sage color will help to make the purple elements more alive. For example, if your honor bridesmaid wears the purple dress, with sage bridesmaid dresses, she will look attractive and charming, here is a picture to provide your imagination with that.

Beige Dresses

Beige is not a conflicting color, it is more flexible and conservative. It is between the warm shade and cool shade, the mixed color of brown and white. A similar color is Ivory, ivory dresses always provide a sense of warmness and relaxation. When we select colors to match beige dresses, we can refer to the ivory ones also.

Gray and Beige

As beige is a shade of relaxing effect, we will need to choose a color that is not sharper to match. If you have got beige or ivory wedding dresses, your wedding accessories and bridesmaid dresses can use silver-gray which will not rob the qualities of the bride. The following picture demonstrates very well the gray maid of honor dresses make the perfect for bridal gown Dress

Olive Green Dresses

Olive green is generated by the gray and yellow colors usually, sometimes mixing brown and greens will also get olive green shade. It is because olive green is a natural color shade with a warm tone, it matches perfectly with a wide range of other colors, it can be the trendy color for 2019 dresses.

Red and Olive Green

Hosting an event in winter? The red and olive green will completely complement the Christmas feel, you can pair the olive green dresses with red capes or jackets to fulfill the celebrated air.

Royal Blue and Olive Green

If you have a similar skin tone with olive when in the sunshine, you can wear olive green dresses decorated with royal blue.

Mint Green and Olive Green

If you fall in love with the solid colors, with similar green like mint to make the olive green does not look plain and dull.

Burgundy Dresses

Try the burgundy dresses. Burgundy is a light shade of maroon, between the color red and brown. Actually, burgundy is well known as a wine red shade. The burgundy always includes quality of elegance, romance, and passion. This is the reason many people will try burgundy dresses no matter for a wedding party, prom night, or formal evening party.

Orange and Burgundy

Burgundy and orange are unexpected parings. But the deep red will make the orange staff look more vivid. The burgundy formal evening dresses are always a primary option for many girls planning for an evening party or prom night, if you wear with an orange fascinator, you will get an eye-up effect and be the stare-worthy one.

Black&White and Burgundy

It is well known that black with red shade makes the passion. White and red always strike the fashion. You may check the two dresses trending in 2019 below to get an idea:

Brown and Burgundy

Burgundy color dresses are always radical, while brown is a kind of contrary color tone, if you do not want to wear clothing with too much-attacking mood, try to pair your sexy long burgundy dress with brown handbags or brown boots.

Brown Dresses

Brown, similar to the chocolate color, classic and vintage shade. It is widely used for all fashion staff and special occasions. This color brings infinitely flattering for women of every age and skin shade. Though we have talked about sky blue and burgundy dresses are a great match with brown. For brown dresses, we will show you a trendy way to match.

White and Brown

As brown is a classic color and darker shade, wearing a mermaid off-the-shoulder dress is always charming, however, the brown shade may decrease your skin tone and make you look not bright, then we can try the brown dresses with white details or accessories. Here is an example of a sexy beautiful dress with a white match.

Mint and Brown

Mint is a bright shade, fresh color, it will help to blend the dark shade of brown. Try the brown dresses with mint tops or a fresh green clutch bag to harmonize the color.

Dark Royal Blue Dresses

You can never miss the dark royal blue in 2019. This color itself is full of rich and regal quality. With this dress, you may not need to get accessories, you will just enjoy the perfection.

Pink and Dark Royal

Dark royal is all about peace, wisdom, and loyalty. While the flame pink is full of animation. When you combine these two colors, you will feel endless elegance and liveliness. If the bridesmaids wear dark royal dresses, let them hold the pink wedding flowers, you may check the dress pictured below to feel

Fuchsia and Dark Royal

If you want a romantic theme, try to combine fuchsia and dark royal blue. Fuchsia will provide your wedding audience a lovely and gentile sensation. This combination will make the wedding provide a friendly and warm atmosphere. You can have your bridesmaid wear fuchsia dresses with a royal blue waist band and also get the table drapes in royal blue. A pair of fuchsia shoes will also strengthen this feeling.

Gold and Dark Royal Blue

Gold has the same instinct as royal blue, gold is full of royalty and wealth. Using gold accents for a royal blue wedding theme provides a modern mood and highlights the luxury wedding.

Green and Dark Royal Blue

Both green and dark royal blue are sharper colors, it is a sophisticated way to show your warm heart to your wedding guests when you combine the two colors. You can use green wedding balloons to match royal blue dresses.


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