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8 Classic Wedding Songs You Should Know

Music played at Western weddings includes a processional song for walking down the aisle either before or after the marriage service. Other alternative considerations contain various contemporary melodies like Bob Marley’s One Love which is often performed by a steel drum band.

A successful wedding is always accompanied by touching wedding songs. Therefore, two things are vital for wedding days: one is duly attention must be paid to your wedding dressing in a formal occasion, and another is playing appropriate wedding songs in the important scenes of the wedding, which will make everyone moved and achieve unexpected results.

Wedding music has a boosting effect on the whole wedding. You can also choose your favorite song or love song as wedding music, which is also meaningful. To create a pleasant atmosphere for their wedding, many couples will try many ways to find suitable English songs for their weddings. You don’t have to worry about it. Read the 8 warm and moving English songs for your wedding. I hope that with these notes, you and your beloved spouse can live as perfect as music. Now all you need to do is feel the romance of the songs and take care of your wedding dressing together.

  1. Mr. and Mrs. (do this for you)

Classic lyrics: I will give you my word, attached with my heart, and nothing in this word could ever tear us apart, I do this for you.                  

It is a kind of male-female duet sung by Group 1 Crew, a Christian hip-hop band. God and belief play an important role in western countries, especially for traditional church weddings of priests and promises. Besides, the wedding party enters the church while the wedding march is played. Some other songs will be danced by friends and relatives and made as a deep meaningful video. Usually, the wedding dress with trains will be fine like court train, chapel train, sweep train, and cathedral train, it will add much solemnity and incomparable godliness to the wedding.

  • Could this be love

Classic lyrics: Waiting and wanting you, could this be love. I am with you all the time, that I shall forever be.

It is sung by Victoria Acosta from the album Once upon a time, adopted as the wedding background music for Singer Avril Lavigne. Melody is moving and relaxing with beautiful lyrics, which will make a girl imagine like a princess walking slowly to her prince. Hence, ball gown dress off-the-shoulders may be a good choice, princess-typed with slender upper body and lovely underbody, the design of off-the-shoulders with slight material shows elegance and sexy side of the bride. It also will cover the defect of the thighs, which can be a better option for this song.

  • With you all the time

Classic lyrics: You can rest assured I’m always there.

Even when you feel like you don’t belong, even when you fall and it all goes wrong. You know that I’m with you.

Gareth Gates sings the song, he was ever a boy with a stutter, you never know what is the true meaning of happiness or unhappiness, because he has such amazing voice becoming a singer revolting the destiny of stutter trouble. It is the same with true love between two persons. The outside of voice and query mold him like a tight trumpet or mermaid wedding dress packing our body, displaying a different beautiful looking, cause the mermaid love is not easy to realize, it still encourages us to pursue our love.

  • Marry you

Classic lyrics: Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you. Who cares baby, I think I wanna marry you

It is a popular song around the world sung by singer-composer Bruno Mars from America. It is inspired by witnessing a romantic marriage experience on YouTube between a couple from Las Vegas. Thus, he made this song to express the love surrounding our life about a little crazy and romantic behavior for love pursuit. It is very suitable for dancing with a brisk melody, if you choose it as a wedding song, you should select a wedding dress like a ball gown wedding dress with ankle-length, knee-length, or tea-length, you can walk and dance freely.

  • When a man loves a woman

Classic lyrics: When a man loves a woman, can’t keep his mind on anything else

It is sung by a famous singer Michael Bolton, one of the biggest stars in the music field between the 1980s and 1990s, still influences the generations to generations. When a man loves a woman, he can not move his eyes and mind on the woman he loves. So the wedding dress with like full/long sleeve long/floor-length dress will be suitable for this song. The man can keep his eyes on the whole shape of the dress and beloved woman.

  • The Rose

Classic lyrics: I say, love, it is a flower

It is one of the songs of Westlife, a classic old song sung for so many years. It states love like a flower, if you love with hope seed, when spring comes, it will produce a smell of fragrance like the rose. Therefore, the short wedding dress with some flower patterns and lace may be great for this song. And you can also choose a pair of shoes with crystal flowers.

  • Beautiful in white

Classic lyrics: this day I will cherish, you look so beautiful in white tonight

It is so beautiful in white when a woman walks to the man he loves. Shane Filan, from the

Westlife band sings this song for his wife and daughter. This is a song with a beautiful melody and moving words, which can be used on kiss occasions on wedding days. it is a simple love with a deep feeling for family and children, you can select some accessories to make the wedding dress more beautiful like headpieces: hairpins, veils, combs, headbands, jewelry, and fascinators.

  • Can’t stop love

Classic lyrics: No matter what they say, l love you

It is sung by Darin from the album love killer, he wrote this song for the wedding of the century between crown princess Victoria and civilian Daniel Westling on 19th June 2010. It symbolizes love with no class boundary, even as for today, we pursue the love as we really want, whatever we meet, we still struggle for our happiness. It indicates the love with high passion and enthusiasm. Thus, if you play this song, some dresses with sweetheart sleeveless bridesmaid dresses may be more proper for wedding days. It will show you a deep love for your friends and bridesmaids even you just will marry a man, you will not forget the love of everybody who loves and care for you. Different colors of the bridesmaid dresses will be a good option for your white wedding dress.

After you have a knowledge of the 8 English songs for weddings, you will know that the music you choose will affect the wedding dress style, accessories, shoes, and bridesmaid dress style. Hope you can find your love and get the song you love for your wedding day.

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