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9 Rules Choosing Your Bridesmaids

When we were little girls, we always dreamed of walking into the auditorium with Prince Charming. Now that your dream is coming true in a few months or weeks, you definitely have a lot to do! So it’s important to have a bunch of bridesmaids and sisters who support you on the wedding day, and they’ll be able to share a lot of things for you at your wedding! Bridesmaid is an essential role in the wedding, Choosing a super-excellent bridesmaid will not only make the wedding more perfect but also make the new couple more comfortable. Sometimes, it’s very difficult for the bride to choose the suitable bridesmaids, who will be your bridesmaids? Follow these nine rules will make it easier for the bride to choose her bridesmaids!


1. Family priority

How is your relationship with your family? If you have a good relationship with your sisters or sisters-in-law, why not ask them to be bridesmaids? It is best to prioritize yourself or the groom’s closest sister as the maid of honor. If you and the groom don’t have sisters, it is necessary to choose your best friend who knows you best. She should be responsible and choose the activists in her life as the bridesmaids. It is too late to find out that you and your bridesmaids don’t have much in common until the night before the wedding.

2. Focus on your own choices

Don’t feel guilty. Don’t forget it’s a big day for you and the groom. Although choosing a bridesmaid team is a difficult decision, remember that you don’t have to apologize for your decision. Don’t ask for guilt. You need to invite people you trust and get along with. After all, wedding planning is a stressful time in your life. If your friend loves you, she will understand even if you don’t invite her to be a bridesmaid.

3. Consider your friends

You have to figure out what the bridesmaid will do for you. Just give you spiritual support, or expect them to be your right-hand man, and if the latter, don’t invite friends who live far away or are too busy. Because they may not be able to help you do these things in time.

4. Analyze your friend’s personality

You may love your college friend, but you know she’s always at least 30 minutes late. If that bothers you, it’s probably not a good idea to choose her as a bridesmaid. Start picking bridesmaids with a friend’s personality, which will help your wedding. You may love your “big sister” friend, but she’s likely to shout at other bridesmaids and cause unnecessary distractions. So you have to make sure that the personality of the bridesmaids you select is complementary to each other to avoid nightmares. Bridesmaids need to be flexible and delicate, because something unexpected may happen at the wedding. The bridesmaid must remain calm and handle all kinds of things correctly.

5. Choose the right number

Determine the number of bridesmaids based on the size of your wedding, preferably in proportion to the guests. If there are too many bridesmaids in a small wedding, it may mean that some bridesmaids have nothing to do and are out of balance with the number of guests. Of course, you don’t want your sister to feel forgotten, but you don’t want any bloody soap operas at the wedding.

6. Don’t embarrass your friend.

If your friends are abroad or elsewhere, you may not be able to attend the wedding as you wish, and don’t be too depressed.

7. Customs and habits

Bridesmaids can be said to be an important figure in a wedding working group, each region, each ethnic group will have its own unique customs, so in the selection of bridesmaids, we must consult the local customs, to avoid unnecessary embarrassment and misunderstanding.

8. Form the best team

Know the strengths of every friend you invite to work as a bridesmaid team. Perhaps one is an artist who can help you design the invitation; the other is a professional event preparation PR that can help you get the things you need for your wedding! You can certainly get help from the strengths and expertise of each of the bridesmaids, who will be happy to help you!

9. Always have Plan B

Maybe one of your friends said she couldn’t be invited to be a sister group, or she couldn’t afford to be a bridesmaid. They must feel sorry for rejecting you, and they don’t want you to be angry. Ask other friends, they will be very honored! If your partner can’t be your bridesmaid because of financial problems, consider sharing the cost of the bridesmaid dress for her. You can keep everything flexible, and eventually solve all problems as you wish

Once you have decided on the bridesmaid’s list, it can be announced. As soon as the decision is made, cross it off your list of weddings that never seem to go away. The task is accomplished by such an item. You will be able to happily marry your prince charming with the company of your perfect bridesmaids and start a new chapter of your life.


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