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A Bohemian, Free Spirited + Fashion Wedding

Ashley, co-owner of who creates bohemian and free-spirited inspired wedding gowns, and Terrence, a senior product manager within the digital industry, are generally from California and today live in San Francisco, they wed on 2 August 2018 at a private villa, around the western shores of Lake Como, Santa Maria Rezzonico, Italy.

“We knew that whatever theme we selected could be unique and non-traditional. One of the main things we desired to highlight was our shared love of fashion. We asked our guests to dress in their finest ‘Runway attire’. We even set our ceremony up as though the guests were seated for any runway show coupled with our bridal parties walking on the aisle 1 by 1 so that they could get their runway moment.”

Despite having known one another since they were eleven, the couple’s love story didn’t begin until 2012.

“My husband and I are from the same hometown – Fresno, California – and went to the same schools. I may have even built a crush on him at the young age of eleven. We didn’t have mutual friends or fully realize much of one another but reconnected 8+ years back while residing in San Francisco. Our first date would be a 12-hour car ride from San Francisco to Indio for that Coachella Music Festival this year. Our mutual love of music should have been pretty strong because we’ve been inseparable since.”

“The summer we started dating Terrence was going to Lugano, Switzerland to operate at a kids summer program and I was going to Milan, Italy for any fashion internship. We spent our first couple of months understanding one another in Europe, using the 45-minute train ride to see one another. Fast forward towards the conclusion of this summer, where we chose to move to San Francisco together.”

“My wedding dress was a boho wedding dress. I’ve been a sucker for vintage silk pieces so I knew immediately this would be the material of choice. I had always envisioned wearing an off-the-shoulder gown, as my mother had, but I desired to put a distinctive spin onto it by developing these large billowy sleeves.”

“I knew I wanted floral embroidery to become a feature. After scouring the material markets I finally found a classic, floral, embroidered trim so I been with them recreated and customized it for my gown. You can see subtle hints from it throughout the gown and all sorts of along the ridiculously long train. I wanted a gown that helped me feel like I was floating while standing still.”

The bridesmaids look wonderful within their elegant, floor-length gowns overlaid by graceful, sheer capes. Each girl’s look would be a bespoke collaboration between the bride-to-be and a New Zealand, designer.

The pool-side patio, using its incredible views over Lake Como, was a perfect space for that wedding reception. Dressed with boho-inspired sofas and seats, flowers and candles, and sheer drapes it has a romantic, totally romantic vibe.

“Jumping into the pool during my reception dress was memorable. Our reception happened around a backyard pool area and considering we have been hit having a relentless heatwave, the cool water has been calling all of our days long.”

“I think once your guests got word that ‘the bride to be has jumped within the pool in her own dress’ hordes of individuals began corralling over. Every time I researched, a different one of my girlfriends was leaping into the air in her formal gown along with a guy friend was creating a splash in the finest tuxedo. The swim dance party soon turned right into a conga type of sixty approximately roaring celebrants chanting and howling to ‘Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting. It was quite epic.”

Words of Wedded Wisdom

“Learn to allow the little things to slide. There comes a minute during the wedding where you’re determined to simply have fun and celebrate marrying the love of your life. I’ll always remember dancing within the pool with my new husband while voraciously belting out Whitney Houston jams. I felt, ‘Let’s get real, life feels pretty complete right about now.”

Article produced at: https://www.feeltimes.com/

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