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A Modern & Contemporary Dinner Party Wedding

On that note, I’d like to introduce you to the bride and groom, as well as their beautiful, modern, and contemporary wedding that happened on 7th September this past year in Denmark.

The bride wore two dresses during the day. In the evening, she wore an outfit that she designed and created herself together with her mum, but her main dress was by designer

“My mother wore mother of the bride dresses tea length in most of her favorite colors. She wasn’t in a position to try it on before she purchased and ordered it a size too small. Suddenly the gown started to become unattainable online, and she or he ended up buying it two numbers too big since it was the only person left. Luckily she was able to sew it in therefore it fits her perfectly.”

“My sister wore a polka-dotted knee-length dress from for that reception with one of these big ’80s-inspired shoulder pads. She originally desired to style it by having a big hat, however the week before the marriage, she chopped off 40 centimeters of her hair and rocked her new bob instead. After the reception, she switched to some custom-made dress from the Madrid-based designer, who she available on Instagram and who makes these amazing tulle layered dresses in endless colors.”

“For the flowers, I had quite a clear vision inspired by the Japanese ikebana tradition. I gave the florist a mood board with flower bouquets and six different colors.”

“From there the florist did an incredible job in choosing the right flowers and arranging them. The bouquet she made for me was the next stage. She made matching and unique bouquets for every table and every flower girl.”

“Jeppe was keen on the tuxedo although not quite into the black and white look. He wound up with a blue ‘Jerald Smoking’, with big black labels along with a black silk self bow tie. For the buttonholed flower he wore a voluminous and puffy white rose entirely bloom without any greens or extras. It looked insanely cool, similar to a styled silk handkerchief. The only downside from the flower was the vulnerability – it looked a little wilted in the end from the day following the many hugs.”

“Jeppe and I were classmates. We had the same class in our first year of studying Marketing Economics. At some point, we visited class together, lived together, and were within the same study group.”

“Later we chose different Masters degrees. The year we finished our Masters was the same year Jeppe proposed.”

“My mom and I designed and sew the dresses for that five flower girls. Four seem to be my nieces and among them my goddaughter. One design for every – mostly because the procedure for sewing them was funnier whether it was not five identical dresses.”

“It also made a decision process easier because we’d the opportunity to try different ideas. We found this beautiful raw silk fabric inside a bright pink color and styled it with braids and different white sneaks the girls chose themselves.”

The bride’s father accompanied her to the ceremony.

“The church was magical and without comparison the best part of the day. Seeing one another and just being present. Also, the elements were pretty bad; it rained most of the day with just a few moments of sunshine.”

“The church was decorated with pink hydrangeas from my parents’ garden and white baby breath on the aisle almost creating the result of small clouds.”

“The many dishes gave a pleasant flow with the long dinner and acted well as ‘happenings’ between your many speeches. The kitchen and staff were able to coordinate and do all seven dishes plus 11 speeches before midnight!”

“At daylight, I was looking out in the harbor, the greenhouse, and also the building mess, and when the sun’s rays went down, the windows almost converted into mirrors reflecting the lights from the inside.”

“We didn’t go bananas using the cake. We had pavlovas in various variations with toppings such as salted caramel, berries, and licorice. One of our close friends made one from the cakes, which made it more personal for all of us. Also, she promised to create the wedding cake again on our first anniversary.”

Words of Wedded Wisdom

“Start writing your speech long before the marriage. I kept receiving targeted ideas for things I desired to say to Jeppe during my speech that also meant that I kept postponing setting it up written.”

“I wound up writing the speech the night time before our wedding. I don’t understand how much other brides sleep before their wedding, but I got 2 hours!”

Article produced at: https://www.feeltimes.com/

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