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Heidi & Nick’s Caribbean Inspired Wedding

Teacher Heidi and Digital Design Consultant Nick tied the knot in July before the pandemic changed the world. Their ceremony happened at St Michael’s Church in Cumnor along with a reception and celebration followed in Jericho, Oxford.

“Our wedding was inspired by London clubs, Summer, Miami, and also the carnival at Notting Hill, where I was raised, alongside Nick’s Caribbean heritage. We wanted bright bold colors with a lot of botanical greenery and foliage resembling summer, Miami, and carnivals!”

“I think I was built with a strong concept of what I wanted I believe, which Clare had said wasn’t usual for brides. I knew it had to become clean-cut, tailored, elegant, timeless as well as in a plain fabric. I tried others simply to reaffirm my ideas. The only decision I wasn’t certain of was a mermaid wedding dress or perhaps a ballgown. When I tried on anything that would be a close fit I just knew it didn’t quite feel bridal enough for me.”

“I loved the ball gown’s big feelings, the fabric, and the corset from the feeltimes dress. It helped me feel just like a bride!”

Heidi’s bridesmaids wore jumpsuits and paired all of them with gold high heel shoes.

“We knew we desired to get married near a home inside a church, we liked the concept of it as being a place that people would see regularly as opposed to somewhere we’d no real link with. So we chose our local parish.”

“We met around the dancefloor of Lava/Ignite, in Coventry during our time at University in 2008. It took Nick ten years to pop the question and he did so in the Montcalm hotel in Finsbury, London disguised as a birthday weekend. We got engaged on 29th April 2018 and married the following year in July.”

“My husband, employed in design, took the lead on finding our wedding photographer – he found .”

“We loved their natural style and from what I was able to see using their material online, we didn’t hesitate in shortlisting them. As soon because they confirmed their availability, we disregarded every other photographer on our shortlist. They could expertly get things moving to avoid any lengthy periods from our guests and party at the time. We possess some incredible moments that capture your day which we’re forever grateful for.”

Words of Wedded Wisdom

“Do not let anyone stress you about timings! So much pressure on obtaining the dress so early there is no need. Best to obtain the dress you would like then be pressured to obtain something. Discuss together with your partner what is vital that you both, we asked ourselves what was vital that you at the time and exactly what do you always remember from the wedding.”

Article produced at: https://www.feeltimes.com/

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