How to Choose Wedding Dress?

Preparing for marriage is a big project, setting time, place, budget, confirming guests… In addition, many beautiful girls will intentionally diet or exercise a few months before the wedding, just to be perfect at the moment of the wedding. Deliberate diet and exercise before the wedding can play an emergency remedy to the figure. And because each person’s constitution is different, can not reach the perfect part, it needs to rely on the wedding dress to remedy. The choice of wedding dress is not easy, our appeal for wedding dress is not only good-looking, but also can make use of strengths and avoid weaknesses. How to do such a good job? Suggestions below might help you.

A. Types of Wedding Dresses

When many brides-to-be choose their wedding dress, their needs are chaotic and blind, and they don’t know how to choose it.

In fact, the classification of wedding dresses has several dimensions: silhouette, neckline and tail length. Combining these three basic dimensions and choosing them according to their stature and temperament, we can quickly pick out the perfect wedding dress for ourselves.

Next, let me briefly introduce the types of wedding dresses in these three dimensions.

The first dimension is the silhouette of the wedding dress.

This dimension determines which wedding dress to wear in different occasions. Among them, sheath, fish tail and mini dress are more demanding, and they are more attractive styles. Therefore, they are relatively small, especially the fishtail wedding dress, which can show the beautiful lines of women, and at the same time, it is easy to magnify the weaknesses of the body. The A-line dress is the most popular style at public. Ball gown is the most Princess style, and it is also a style that many girls can’t give up, but this style is not suitable for petite girls.

The second dimension is neckline

If the neckline of wedding dress is subdivided, it can be countless to girls. And with the development of wedding dress fashion, wedding dress neckline is more and more diverse, more and more exaggerated. Here lists some of the more common and popular wedding neckline types.

Strapless: This neckline is suitable for small breast brides who like to expose their shoulders. It can reveal sexy clavicles.

Sweetheart: Suitable for sweet brides with full breasts.

Off the Shoulder: It is easy to match, you can gracefully expose the clavicle, elongate the shoulder line, while not too exposed. It’s a popular style this year.

High Neck: This type of collar is more selective. Firstly, it is not suitable for brides with short necks, secondly, the curve of neck should be beautiful, and secondly, people with more elegant temperament will look better in this type of neckline. 

V-Neck: The traditional V-neck is not suitable for brides with small breasts. It is relatively sexy. But at present, many wedding dresses on the market have improved the V-neck, either adding a layer of gauze in the place where the V-neck is low open, or combining the V-neck with the peach-heart collar. Such V-neck wedding dress is also suitable for girls with small breasts.

Illusion: The so-called illusion, that is, on the basis of plastering the chest, add a layer of gauze above the chest, or with lace hollow ornament or other nail beads ornament, which not only gives a faint sexy impression, but also increases the practicability of the wedding dress, making the bride wearing the wedding dress more secure.

HALTER: This type of neck is more suitable for photography, often matched with fishtail wedding dress. Suitable for girls of S shape with wide shoulders.

Scoop Neck: This kind of neckline is characterized by smaller neckline, circular arc, similar to T-SHIRT, more conservative style, suitable for girls with small breasts, more girls feel. It can also be very elegant with satin material.

The third dimension is the trail

The last dimension is to classify wedding dresses according to tail length. Tail length is a key factor affecting the sense of ritual.

Floor length wedding dress: The wedding dress with floor length, this kind of wedding dress style is more advantageous.

Sweep trail wedding dress: tail length of less than 1 meter is sweep trail. Ritual sense is enhanced while walking and activities are facilitated.

Cathedral trail wedding dress: The trail length is more than 1.5 meters (from the ground). This kind of wedding dress has the strongest sense of ceremony. It is usually worn during the ceremony. The big trail with nail beads and lace decoration will be heavier. It is better to let the flower children assist you, otherwise the action will be more difficult.

B. Body shape of the bride

After understanding the classification of wedding dresses, the next step is to need all brides-to-be to know their own body shape. Different types of wedding dresses are suitable for different shapes. Brides roughly fall into four types: hourglass, triangle, inverted triangle, rectangle.

Hourglass: It is the most coveted figure for girls. This kind of figure is characterized by shoulders and hips the same width, waist thin curve obvious, that is, we commonly known as the S shape. The most suitable wedding dress style is fishtail wedding dress.

Triangular shape: This type of shape has buttocks and waists, for narrow shoulders, or slippery shoulders. Wedding dress styles that completely expose shoulders, such as breast-wiping and shoulder-writing, not suitable for brides of this figure. It is suggested to choose the wedding dress with shoulder-wrapped collar. The hem skirt can be chosen arbitrarily and the fish tail can be easily held.

Inverted triangle shape: This type of shape has characters of wide shoulder, narrow hips, no obvious curve at waist and hip. It is more suitable for wedding dress with shoulder collar and A-line or ball gown silhouette. These will reduces the visual effect of shoulder, but also obscures the curve of lower body.

Rectangular shape: This type of shape is characterized by the shoulder and hips are almost the same width, and the waist curve is not obvious. That is, there is no S-shaped curve, so-called pupil figure. We suggest you avoid the tight-fitting and hip-wrapping.

C. Two Principles for Choosing Wedding Dresses

Referring to the above classification of wedding dresses and the division of body type, brides-to-be probably have a general understanding of wedding dresses. Let me show you how to with so many dazzling styles.

Suitable for yourself

There is a saying that, favorite is not necessarily the most suitable for their own, the most suitable for their own is often not what they want at first. It’s sad, but it’s true. The same applies to the selection of people and wedding dresses.

Example from a friend

Take my friend Lisa’s experience for example. At first, the perfect wedding dress elements in her mind are fish tail, satin, middle sleeve and small tail. Advocate less is more, strongly oppose any sequins, nail beads and decorations that will produce blinding effect, also no exaggerated style. After trying on no less than 30 wedding dresses, the naked reality is in front of us. Satin + fish tail, it is a big challenge for body shape. Because it requires the concave and convex body to magnify the body defects, and even make the original advantages into “disadvantages”. Lumbar fat is also the natural enemy of satin fishtail wedding dress. Unless there are some decorations on the waist like the figure below, which can hide and weaken the weakness of the figure.

Take advice from your family

So the brides-to-be who are getting ready to marry, before choosing your favorite wedding dress, go to know your figure first. In the process of choosing, listen to the advice of relatives and friends around. Because the bystanders will always evaluate the effect of a wedding dress from an objective point of view, rather than just indulge in the blind love of a certain style. What suits you is the best.


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