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How to Choose Your Bridesmaid Dress

A beautiful bride wouldn’t be anywhere without her elegant entourage, so locating the perfect bridesmaid dress has become a decision. Luckily, at FeelTimes we comprehend the pressure, so we’ve updated our elegant selection of premium bridesmiad gowns just in time for that 2022 wedding season.

The Perfect Palette

Whether you choose the flowers to compliment the bridesmaid dresses, or even the dresses to compliment the flowers, or even the table pieces to complement the shoes there’s without a doubt that a beautiful wedding is about finding an ideal palette.

The most significant thing to consider when choosing the color for your bridesmaid dress is when you’ll look next to the bride. A deep bold color, like our Satin Maxi Wrap Detail Dress in Red, can create a strong contrast together with her white dress, whereas a far more subtle color contrast is possible with more neutral tones, for example, our champagne bridesmaid dresses.

Our sophisticated bridesmaid collection was created with coordination in your mind, to help you find a complementary bridesmaid dress no matter what the color scheme. From understated nudes to glitzy silver sequins, classy magentas to pastel baby blue, we’ve got the colors to complement your vision.

A Style that Stands Out

When you are looking at designing bridesmiad gowns, we’re about elegance that doesn’t compromise on style. Having a clear vision for that aesthetic you would like, whether that’s minimal and classic, or daring and vibrant, is important when selecting a bridesmaid dress.

This season we’re loving embroidered tulle overlays, on top, the skirt, or even the whole dress, they’re a subtle statement that makes your bridesmaid dress that tiny bit more special. If you’re trying to find an edgier look, our asymmetric dresses are a good choice. Check out our One Shoulder Satin Finish Maxi Dress, to determine how a one-shoulder neckline, as well as an opposing side slit, can step up your bridesmaid game.

To Match or Not to Match?

You want everyone to put on a bright green, however, the bridesmaids can’t decide between long and short? No problem – our Satin Cami Strap Wrap Dress is available in Maxi or Midi. You want your bridesmaids to complement, however, the argument over if the dresses are hot pink or bright blue is never-ending? Don’t stress – two-tonal bridal parties have been in this season and our One Shoulder Satin Finish Maxi Dress is available in Pink and Blue.

The Wedding Hub

To make everything a little easier, we’ve organized our Wedding Hub, to help you shop our bridesmiad gowns by style, color, or see what’s obtainable in multiple fits. We’ve even curated all of our best Wedding Accessories & Jewellery, because what’s a wedding party without matching bracelets?

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