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Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress is Necessary in Your Life

Ms. Coco Chanel said: “A woman’s wardrobe is indispensable to a small black skirt”; The Duchess of Windsor said, “If the little black dress is right, no clothes can replace it.”Karl Lagerfeld also said, “A little black dress will never be too many, nor too much.”Didier Ludot was blunter: “Women without little black skirts have no future”.If you ask me what is an indispensable item in my wardrobe, I will not hesitate to answer “Little Black Dress”.

Classical Little Black Dresses

The most important thing for a single item like a little black dress is not to surpass, but to be classical. Only classics can be lasting. This classic dress has no age limit, no matter what age, the style of women should have a dress suitable for their own.

A classic little black dress is a must-have item in every girl’s wardrobe. It can be worn on almost every occasion throughout the year.

Wear a little black dress in summer and a simple necklace to go on a date. In spring and autumn, it can be matched with different styles and colors of windbreakers. In winter, no matter what activities you attend, wearing that dress in your overcoat or down jacket is enough.

Little Black Dresses Bring The Charm

The real meaning of the little black dress in the fashion world dates back to 1926 when VOGUE published a manuscript of the dress designed by Chanel and predicted that this kind of dress would become a “uniform catering to all women’s tastes”.

Facts have proved that the little black dress has indeed gone through the baptism of time. From the 1920s to the present, the charm of women has been fully displayed by it.

The Very First Little Black Dress

Although the little black prom dress first appeared in fashion magazines was created by Chanel, it was Audrey Hepburn who really made it popular all over the world.

I think a lot of people have seen <<Breakfast at Tiffany’s>> in which Hepburn stands outside Tiffany’s window in a dress. That classic movie picture made the dress be labeled elegant and delicate by the fashion circle and also become a durable item in the fashion circle.

Fancy Dresses

Marilyn Monroe may be the first woman to give her little black dress a “sexy temperament”. As for Monroe, many people only remember the little white dress that was blown up by the wind. In fact, there is also the little black dress which is popular in Hollywood.

The concise but not simple dress also has many different styles, so it can be worn in different styles and flavors, such as suspender dress, deep V, one-piece style, as well as princess-flavored ball dress, etc., which are suitable for girls of different statures and ages. FEELTIMES has numerous exquisite little black dresses to choose from. For example, if you want to be elegant, you can choose code M10208101. If you want to look concise and energetic, you can choose code M10214356. Of course, if you want to be sexy, code M10219088C is what you can’t reject. Anyhow, you will find your dream dress on FEELTIMES.

It is Functional

Little black dress always gives the impression of minimalism. Even though many decorative fashion elements have been added, the inner temperament of the little black dress will not be covered up. Any reasonable decoration can add highlights to the dress.

If the little black dress is a woman’s forever partner, it will never be wrong.

When attending formal occasions, wearing a little black dress will never make mistakes. It is also possible to choose a suitable style carefully and become the focus of attention. Whether it’s a birthday party, a cocktail party, a date, an interview, or a job offer, a little black dress is always easy to fix.

Be Confident with Dresses

Finally, if you have to choose the most important item in a woman’s life, it is self-confidence. A woman who is confident and loves herself is the most beautiful, and no one else can dislike you.

Finding a dress that suits you, wearing a fancy dress, and being confident, must be the most noticeable person in the crowd.

Whenever and wherever you don’t know what to wear, wear a little black dress.

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