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Modern Mother from the Bride Dresses: A Shopping Guide

The mother from the bride dress has evolved a lot over the years. Today, you will find weddings of each style, with a few being formal yet others more relaxed. What you wear is determined by the theme, venue and dress code of the daughter’s wedding, as well as how comfortable you are feeling. Every mother from the bride is exclusive and everyone has their very own preferences with regards to fabric, shape and colour.

While traditionally, the mother from the bride always wore mother of the bride pantsuits, today you will find jumpsuits and trouser suit options to select from. And while it was once a faux pas to put on cream, ivory or off-white, you will find now so many women who like to complement their mum. A modern mother from the bride dress is available in so many designs, and often it’s okay to bend the guidelines.

Here is a handful of the modern feel times mother from the bride dress styles to inspire you:

Summer florals

Prints aren’t usually worn through the wedding party as to not take attention from the bride. But for a summer wedding (so when done in a subtle, beautiful way as we have seen on this dress), florals are perfect.

For destination weddings, floral prints work particularly well. And the good thing about floral dresses is they can be worn again for other occasions.

Pretty ruffle dresses

Ruffles are another modern detail that may transform a conventional mother from the bride outfit into something more current and much more exciting. Perfect for weddings abroad, outdoor weddings, cocktail style events, plus much more. This is a versatile look that could be restyled again and again.

Lace dresses

Lace is a popular trend with wedding guests recently, also it seems that lace fabrics are undergoing a revival. It looks great in most seasons and works best for indoor and outdoor venues alike.

With a peplum waist, it’s also super flattering for those body shapes and also the colour matches most wedding colour schemes. It works equally well with a small fascinator like a large mother from the bride hat, as well as looks perfect as a standalone dress.

Blush coloured dresses

Back within the day, blush dresses would have been considered too like the bride’s dress to become suitable. But today, rules are more enjoyable. Just be sure to seek advice from your daughter first, as not every bride have the same about relaxed etiquette. There’s sufficient detailing to really make it special, yet it’s still a subtle piece to assist the bride shine.

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