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It all started having a high five of these Louisiana sweethearts! And let me tell you, this is exactly what love appears like folks!!

How have you met your Fiance?

Jeremy and I were set up by my sweet friend Chrissy! At the time, Chrissy and I were roommates and she or he worked with Jeremy. On our first date, I was so nervous that after the night I gave him a higher five and jumped from his car! After several months, I heated up to him and we have been inseparable since.

Tell us concerning the proposal!

This is a great one! I was in Florida second shooting a marriage with my pal Catherine, as they were home in Louisiana. I had been anxious to obtain engagement coupled with expressing that to Jeremy before I left after which to Catherine on our journey to Florida. Little did I know, they’d been planning behind my back for months!

The next day of Catherine and I photographed the most amazing wedding, I was told that the mom of the bride, Kathy was taking us to dinner! All day, I had been in touch with Jeremy! He had previously taken photos of himself with this dog Milo before he left and would send these phones to me throughout the day as they were on the way to Florida to propose! When we reached the restaurant, Catherine then explained that Kathy could be late and that we were going to possess a seat at our table to hold back for her. Catherine got her camera to snap several photos and that we ordered drinks.

Before the drinks could arrive Jeremy walked as much as the table! I was so shocked that I could do was squeal “What’s happening?” and “Oh my God!” repeatedly.

Jeremy got recorded on one knee and just said, “I adore you! Will you marry me?” I said “Yes!” with the tears after which he attempted to put my ring on my small right hand! I couldn’t help but laugh!

Our waitress brought champagne and that we celebrated with a couple of our closest friends! The best part is the fact that Catherine captured everything on video! The next day we went to the beach and took several photos to commemorate time!

How have you chosen the place for your wedding?

Much like deciding to spend my entire life with Jeremy, choosing our location was easy! I knew I wanted to obtain married within the town I was raised in, Abbeville, LA. There is a beautiful Catholic Church that I had developed in also it was where I had always imagined getting married. Jeremy knew it was vital to me so he was aboard!

What kind of venue had you been looking for?

For our reception, went to have a traditional ballroom. I wanted something romantic, a bit formal and, a fancied-up version of people.

How have you decided on your bridesmaid’s dresses? Tell us about your experience at FeelTimes!

Green is the most popular color, so, I knew I wanted that incorporated a great deal throughout our wedding and I loved the popularity of having different style sequin and beaded gold gowns. I did several searches and located some great inspiration on Pinterest! I have three sisters, so I decided to put them within the gold dresses and also the rest of my girls within the hunter-green bridesmaid dresses.

I knew I was likely to find my bridesmaid gowns from FeelTimes because before I would be a FeelTimes bride I was a FeelTimes bridesmaid. When my pal Anne was a marriage she invited me along to choose dresses for her wedding also it was this type of great experience that returning for my very own wedding would be a no-brainer!

Planning a marriage is stressful and filled with decision-making! Shopping at FeelTimes made the entire process of choosing and ordering bridesmaid gowns so easy and fun! It was so nice to invest time having a few of my girls inside a comfortable environment.

Who designed your wedding dress? Where have you got it?

My gown originated from feeltimes dresses. My mom selected this particular dress and I wasn’t in love with it. When I used it on, it fit perfectly! I took that as a sign and bought it several days later!

What was your preferred part from the day?

Am I permitted to say the whole day? There were several high points, like, spending your day with my bridesmaids, mom, and aunt, and our first look!

My other favorite part of our day was exchanging our vows. Out of exactly what happened on that day, it is exactly what sticks out I believe. Out of all in our wedding photos, those are my top picks. It was this type of special moment!

Dancing the nighttime away with Jeremy and our friends is a close second!

What inspired you whenever you were planning your special day?

I took little odds and ends of each wedding as inspiration for things I knew I had to possess, and for several things I knew I could live without. One of the things I knew I could not live without were flowers. I think our wedding became the perfect mixture of gold glitter, romance, and us!

What advice have you got for other brides?

I believe it is important to keep your people-pleasing low! Being considerate of peoples’ feelings is essential, but, after the day, it comes down to you and your fiancé. Worry less about what others think and worry much more about having the time of your lifetime! You only reach do this once!

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