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Recycling Mother From The Bride Outfits…Don’t Mind If ‘I Do!’

As the mother from the bride, (MOB) you must have been within the moon to celebrate your daughter’s nuptials. To witness and become there for the daughter on her behalf special and far anticipated day may have been your proudest moments. All eyes may indeed have been on the bride to be BUT it’s also true some eyes may have been on you also, the mother from the bride.

For this reason, you’re considering the sophisticated and elegant mother of the bride dresses with harmonizing hues that made a ‘sight for sore eyes’ instead of simply… a sight! It was an ideal outfit; perfectly chosen, perfectly matching, perfectly worn, even though you do say so yourself. A perfect ménage à trois: hat, shoes, and bag that are awesome.

The special day has been and gone. Now, gazing in the photos and lapping up all of the compliments…it appears such a waste not to be able to put it on again.
It is a tricky situation. You can’t upstage either the mother from the bride or even the mother from the groom at another wedding. Here

Here are a handful of guidelines:

If the outfit is not within the top… do it now, put it on again without the hat or fascinator.

Don’t hesitate to ask… If you are close with either person, you can mention to them that you were considering wearing the outfit you wore. You’ll have the ability to gauge by their stony face whether it is a good idea!

Wear the accessories… We all know the lengths we can go to locate matching accessories! Recycle your accessories for example your shoes, bag or hat, and maybe buy another dress. Sorted.

If it was a dress-up costume with a dress and jacket, again perhaps consider dropping the jacket and choosing a shawl, cape, another jacket.

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