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Styling Winter Bridesmaid Dresses

For people who choose to possess a winter wedding, my hat chimes to you for enduring the cold to consider those gorgeous outdoor photos that I am so deeply in love with. For men, it is not difficult! They get to be delightfully bundled in layers, while we for women who live to suck up our pain in pretty satin bridesmaid dresses and smile big for that camera. It isn’t fair, could it be? But because we’re supporting and standing beside our best friends, we’re willing to put track of the pain. So to keep the ladies warm during picture-time, consider pairing their winter bridesmaid gowns with some cozy attire that’s perfect for that chilly weather and adorable in photos! Need some inspiration? Look no further–we have a great time and stylish ideas below, making great bridesmaid gift ideas!

4 methods to keep warm with feel times winter bridesmaid gowns.

1. Cover track of a cardigan

Have girls bring their very own or purchase them cardi’s that perfectly coordinate together with your wedding colors. The look is sophisticated, fun, and it is a piece that the ‘maids will gladly wear again!

2. Dress in vintage fur coats

Whether you scour thrift stores or your grandma’s closet, style your ‘maids in fancy fur coats which will look extremely elegant and vintage-chic!

3. Add cute accessories towards the winter bridesmaid’s look

Chunky knit scarves or gloves are a simple method to add some warmth and fun flair to their dresses. Keep the pieces neutral or include bright pops of color that may act as an argument piece.

4. Wear boots and leggings within floor-length bridesmaid dress

This isn’t just the cutest method to style your ‘maids for that cold, but when no one can view it, who cares! Plus, you can capture a chuckle of moments of girls showing off their fancy boots!

How can you style your bridesmaid’s for winter?

Keep in mind that the ladies will not be wearing their cardigans and gloves the whole wedding. The accessories may even just be worn in-between photos, but going for something warm is a nice gesture that I guarantee will be appreciated. So the real question is:

How can you style your bridesmaids for any winter look? Leave a comment below and tell us your accessory/garment of preference!

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