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Tips for that Pregnant Bride

Getting married when pregnant presents its very own set of unique challenges. The expectant bride-to-be will need to take a few extra steps to appear and feel her best, which is not always easy.

Thus, the objective of today’s post would be to offer some practical strategies for pregnant brides that can help them feel and look as good as possible through the course of the whole wedding day.

Tips for Perfecting the Pregnant Bride Look

Having a baby has a dramatic effect on body shape, so locating the perfect wedding gown – or even more appropriately, an ideal special occasion maternity dress – could be tricky at best. And as your mid-section will probably expand throughout the weeks and months before the special day, it’s absolutely important to buy the gown as close to the wedding date as you possibly can. Yes, this flies when confronted with my “regular” advice whereby I usually advocate starting the wedding dresses shopping excursion as in the early stages in the process as you possibly can, but having a baby is a unique situation.

Aside from the timing of the gown purchase, some style elements ought to be considered for just about any expectant bride. First and foremost, when pregnant, it’s better than avoid the iconic “white wedding.” Wedding dresses featuring colors are increasingly trendy at this time, and adding some color can truly possess a slimming impact on the appearance of the body. For example, darker colors like red and hunter green can provide a visually slimming effect. And remember that your dress need not be monochromatic or have a single color – it’s perfectly acceptable to possess a white ball gown wedding dress with splashes of color in strategic locations.

Another slimming element is a dress that shows some legs. This helps draw the attention away in the mid-section and down towards the legs. The overall impact is just one of balance, whereby your child bulge is going to be “neutralized” through the contrasting leg visibility. A similar result could be achieved by putting on a sash. Although a sash isn’t as slimming because of the other suggestions above, it may add a component of class and dignity to the pregnant bride.

Tips for Maximizing the Comfort from the Pregnant Bride

Having a baby is not exactly similar to comfort, and becoming married is unquestionably no exception. The normal bride is on her behalf feet not less than 8 hours through the wedding day, so it could be extremely difficult for just about any pregnant bride to keep a satisfactory comfortableness all day long. The final point here is that being much more comfortable will allow you to become more sociable, savor as soon as, and ultimately enjoy your big day to the maximum extent possible.

The main tip here would be to wear comfortable wedding shoes! Many expectant brides-to-be bring 2 pairs of shoes together on their special day – one low-heeled pair for that ceremony itself and a much more comfortable pair without heels for that wedding reception. Another somewhat commonsensical tip would be to try and have a load off from time to time. For example, when the average bride is on her behalf feet 8 hours during her wedding, strive for 5-6 hours in your feet with frequent breaks between.


Being an expectant bride isn’t easy, but it’s much more feasible should you follow the advice within this post. Shop for your wedding gown late hanging around (no sooner than 1 month before the big day), and consider styles, colors, and embellishments that may provide a slimming effect. And when it comes to comfort, wear comfortable shoes towards the reception, and provide yourself frequent breaks through the day. Follow these tips, and you are going to be a happy, glowing, and vibrant pregnant bride. And anything you do, don’t end up like this pregnant bride! Good luck!

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