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2 Tips to Wear Bridesmaid Dresses Comfortable And Pay Less

The uncertain wedding date, bridesmaids’ pregnancy, and bridesmaids’ weight loss can easily lead to ill-fitting bridesmaids’ dresses, so modification is essential.

Most wedding dress shops now offer bridesmaid dresses modification services. Do not go to a nearby dry cleaner or tailor to change bridesmaid dresses. Correct modification of bridesmaid dresses goes through a lot of complicated procedures, including many details. Bridesmaid dress is different from general clothes, once the partial modification is not good, it will affect the whole. When you go to the wedding dress shop to modify the bridesmaid dress, you should remember to bring your own full set of equipment. Simulate the wedding day to dress with bridesmaids’ dress accessories such as shoes, bras, etc, so the tailor can more accurately measure the size of the bridesmaid dress. Although bridesmaid dresses can be modified, we recommend you to buy those that fit you as much as possible, especially at the waist, because the modification range of waste is large and it is not easy to modify.

It will take time to change the ordinary dresses, not to mention our exquisite bridesmaid dresses. So the bridesmaids must arrange the time well. If you alter your bridesmaid outfit too early, it may not fit well in the end. Because after it’s done, your body shape may change. If you revise too late and the time left may not be enough. According to our professional dress designer statistics, the best time to modify is about a month and a half before the wedding.

Bridesmaid dresses have so many details — from lining to ruffles and hemlines — that it’s best to find a professional who knows the structure of the dress.

When you are going to change the bridesmaid dress, in addition to the dress itself, you should also bring matching underwear, shoes, and various accessories. Underwear and shoes are prepared to find out the size details and skirt length of bridesmaid dresses. Wearing a headpiece or veil to ensure that modifications do not cause an imbalance. If you don’t already have shoes, you can bring a pair that are highly similar.

In many cases, the difficulty of modifying depends on the fabric and structure of the bridesmaid dress. For example, silk bridesmaid dresses are hard to change because of the holes in the stitches. If it is a lace bridesmaid dress, you can be covered up with applique, so it is sometimes easier to modify than other fabrics.

If the dress is a little longer or bigger, we suggest that you wear a petticoat or waistband, or you can also have a try on the breast pads or hips pads.

Something with custom size, lace-up back, built-in bra, and 2 layer skirt is the easiest to alter, such as the below style:

There are important moments in life that we want to hold on to at great expense. Bridesmaid dresses are dresses that we only wear once. We will never get rid of such a dress wrapped in happiness. Placing such a beautiful dress in the cabinet is a waste.

If it is a long bridesmaid dress, we recommend spending some time on the flexibility when you customize or buy it. Such as ordering a slim black dress of excellent material. Basic dress style is the best without specific features, and no features are its biggest feature. When you need to attend an event, you can attach some gems, silks, satins, or feathers that can be detachable in the bosom part or skirt. After transforming, the dress can have a new feeling and new pattern every time. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the repeat.


Even if it is not a basic dress that can be re-decorated, the long dress with a strong sense of design can be re-used after the dress is transformed by modification on the position of the breast. By adding shoulder decoration, matching the shawl, or changing the long dress into a short one.

If it is the short/mini bridesmaid dress, there is no need to worry about the problem of reuse. Short/mini bridesmaid dresses are more widely available, and it is not frequent to encounter the same group of guests.

Actually, the bridesmaid dress that has a design feel is a beautiful handicraft, we can use them on the adornment of the room greatly. Like the wedding shop, we can support a beautiful dress model, cover the dress above, and then place it in the corner of the room, just like a colorful art decoration. Or, we can lay it on the wall, substituting the oil painting to make the wall decoration. Or load it in the transparent vitreous ark, let it stand in the middle of the building, which is a naturally formed open partition.

Bridesmaid dresses usually have a lot of decorative details, and the selected material is more high-grade than ordinary clothes. We can tear down these materials and accessories for other uses. For example, we can detach the lace and chest decorations. Using them to make a garland, to decorate the canvas, and to make the table and chair covers. We can use them for decoration at family gatherings, the room suddenly becomes more flexible. Such a move requires no additional procurement and is environmentally friendly. If the train of bridesmaid dress is long enough, you can use it as a bed curtain.

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