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Unique Winter Wedding Colors Besides the Common Red and Green

Any season is wedding season! But the winter season has a magical romantic feeling that accompanies an extra touch. The snow, Christmas, and New Year season produce a different kind of warmth.

When couples think about Winter wedding ideas, they tend to feel limited using the colors they can use. Most choose red and green thinking there isn’t any other alternative. There are so many magical winter wedding palettes to choose from.

The top 17 winter wedding colors you can borrow from

Navy and white

Instead of the common monochrome, choose navy and white combo instead. These sophisticated color ideas are a stylish choice if you’re planning a formal event.

Blushing and neutrals

Your white wedding dress against pink bridesmaid dresses is breathtaking! Add white bouquets to accomplish the look.

Blush and caramel

This color inspiration is warm and captivating to make use of on your special day! A few ways you can incorporate it are by using it around the wedding cake like a drip cake, dyed silk bouquet ribbons.

Dusty green and sage green

This color combo is the best for spring weddings. When you pair all of them with dark colors like rust and deep blue, they appear and seem like winter.

Preppy jewel tones

These tones would be best used in centerpieces and wedding table runners for any winter wedding. You can combine all of them with copper and black colors. Also, jewel-toned glassware makes that stunning setting.

Fuchsia and gold

These two colors allow you to produce a dreamy display of a vintage wedding theme. You can then add vintage décor from DIY or thrift stores to create out that traditional belief you want.

Marigold and cream

This color combination puts your friends and relatives at ease! Marigold is a superb choice if you’re getting married each morning or hosting an informal wedding ceremony. For your bridesmaid’s bouquets pair the marigolds with white roses. For the venue’s décor, then add splashes of yellow to marigold to warm up the atmosphere!

Ivory, blush, and green

This wedding color combo is equivalent to an all-white palette! Give the wedding a romantic soft look by pairing the blush with shades of green plus white and ivory tones.

Indigo and orchid

Indigo may be the color of royalty! It deserves a spot inside your bridal party’s attire both groomsmen suits and bridesmiad gowns. You can also include it inside your aisle runners or tablescape for your royalty feel.

Moody florals

You can adjust a moody color scheme for just about any wedding style. Whether you would like a minimalist or full glam wedding, this color scheme can function well. A deep red lipstick looks excellent against a floral display.


Display a range of majesty while using rich purple colors. It’s simple to complement it with pale lilac to include softness towards the color palette. For extra complementary colors, use teal and bright royal for décor or dresses.

Olive green and moss

Muted winter colors are the most useful for winter weddings! Moss and olive green squeeze into the winter color scheme without having to be over the top. These colors pair well with antiques, dark wood pieces, and candle décor.

Black and gold

If you intend to wed on New Year’s Eve, consider using a black and gold combo as the theme.

This luxurious combo brings a party feel for your friends and relatives. Gold being the focus will make black accents look fancy and lovely.

Rustic textures

Winter weddings demand lots of light and branches. Add on some greenery and also you make it all breathtaking. Eucalyptus, curly willow and lightweight amaranths add dimension to the simplest of bouquets.

When combined with teal and orange taper candles, it sticks out in the wedding décor.


The contrast of winter berries and dark ivy from the lighter tones of pewter and champagne looks divine. Use champagne color inside a huge way like inside your dress, flowers, veil, or shoes.

Use pewter or purple for that bridesmaid’s dresses; get something corresponding for that groom’s. Enjoy playing with muted colors for the wedding style.

Burgundy and Ballerina pink

These two romantic hues enhance all the drama you would like! Burgundy may be the best tone for an evening wedding. Add it to the groomsmen’s suits, flowers, and table settings. Ballerina pink softens the atmosphere using its soft sweetness.

Green, white, and gold

Dress your venue in colors of gold, green, and white for any glimmering vibe in yours. This color combo is one of the effortless winter wedding color options for the wedding day.

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